Scrapy Masterclass

Powerful Web Scraping with Python Scrapy

Scrapy is a free and open source web crawling framework, written in Python. Scrapy is useful for web scraping and extracting structured data which can be used for a wide range of useful applications, like data mining, information processing or historical archival.

Scrapy is now widely requested by many employers, for both freelancing and in-house jobs, and that was one important reason for creating this Python Scrapy course, and that was one important reason for creating this Python Scrapy tutorial to help you enhance your skills and earn more income.

In this Scrapy course, you will learn:

  • Creating a web crawler in Scrapy
  • Crawling a single or multiple websites and scrape data
  • Deploying & Scheduling Spiders to ScrapingHub
  • Logging into Websites with Scrapy
  • Running Scrapy as a Standalone Script
  • Using Scrapy with Selenium in Special Cases, e.g. to Scrape JavaScript Driven Web Pages
  • Building Scrapy Advanced Spider
  • More functions that Scrapy offers after Spider is Done with Scraping
  • Editing and Using Scrapy Parameters
  • Exporting data extracted by Scrapy into CSV, Excel, XML, or JSON files
  • Storing data extracted by Scrapy into MySQL and MongoDB databases
  • Several real-life web scraping projects, including Craigslist, LinkedIn and many others
  • Python source code for all exercises in this Scrapy tutorial can be downloaded
  • Q&A board to send your questions and get them answered quickly

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Scrapy vs Other Web Scraping Libraries

– Web Scraping Best Practices

Deploying&Scheduling Scrapy Spider on ScrapingHub

Logging into website Using Scrapy

Scraoy as a Standalonr Script

Building Web Crawler with Scrapy

Scrapy Spider-Books Store

Bonus Data Extraction with APIs



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