Scrapy Masterclass

  Scrapy vs Other Web Scraping Libraries
  Scrapy Installation
  Building Basic Spider with Scrapy
  Xpath Syntax
  Building More Advanced Spider with Scrapy
  – Web Scraping Best Practices
  Deploying&Scheduling Scrapy Spider on ScrapingHub
  Logging into website Using Scrapy
  Scraoy as a Standalonr Script
  Building Web Crawler with Scrapy
  Scrapy With Selenium
  Scrapy Spider-Books Store
  More about Scrapy
  Export Output to Files
  Scrapy Project1 Scraping Craigslist Eng Jobs in NY
  Extracting Data to Databases MysQL&MongoDB
  Scrapy Project 2 Web Scraping Class-Centralcom
  Scrapy Advanced Topics (NEW)
  Scrapy Project 3 Web Scraping Dynamic Website eplanningie (NEW)
  Project 4 Web Scraping LinkedIncom (NEW)
  Solved Web Scraping Exercises
  Bonus Data Extraction with APIs
Selenium is mainly used for writing automated tests for web applications. That said, it is also used for web scraping mainly because easy for beginners and it is suitable for scraping JavaScript driven web pages, especially if JavaScript interactions are very complex with many get and post requests. Selenium can be used solely or along with Scrapy. So we can use Selenium iterate on JavaScript driven web pages and then use Scrapy Selectors to scrape the HTML that Selenium produces. Selenium can be used under both Python 2.7 and 3.x versions. Overall, Selenium support is really extensive, and it provides bindings for languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, Python of course, and JavaScript. Selenium official documentation is great and easy to understand even if you are a beginner. That said, Scraping thousand pages with Scrapy is 20 times faster than using Selenium. Furthermore, Scrapy consumes a lot less memory, and CPU usage than Selenium. You also need a “driver”, which is a small program that allows Selenium to “drive” your browser. This driver is browser-specific, so first we need to choose which browser we want to use. For this course, we will use Chrome, precisely ChromeDriver.

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